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We care as much as you do

When it comes to display, we're one of the leading companies in the UK. Our brand is highly visible, so being at the forefront of good corporate practice is vital to our business. As a result, maintaining high corporate social responsibility values is something we take very seriously.

We know we have a duty to ensure the responsible operation of all our businesses for our customers, employees and the wider community. We also understand the importance of building strong working relationships with suppliers, employees, neighbours and wider stakeholders.

Supplier responsibility at National Display

National Display is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility across our supply chain. We insist that all of our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Removing our Carbon Footprint

We don't just care about our work but the way we work. At National Display, we are working really hard to reduce and eventually eliminate our Carbon Footprint. We analyse every aspect of our business from the electricity we use, the suppliers we work with, our processes and a host of other dynamics. This helps us understand our business and the impact it has on the environment. Our goal is to become carbon neutral by offsetting our impact on the environment through a government approved scheme.

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